About Guinjata Bay – Mozambique

In Inhambane Province, a remote area of Mozambique is a to-die for destination for nature lovers and those who enjoy fishing and diving. This is none other than the beautiful Guinjata Bay in Jangamo, also known as part of the Manta Coast. Once a place considered so distant and isolated very few would venture to, Guinjata Bay has developed into a rustic, modern resort destination that has managed to maintain its refreshing and natural glory.

Inhambane is about one hour away from Maputo and safe from the tropical storms and cyclones’ natural path. This makes fishing and diving ideal because it is not affected by the weather as much as other areas in Mozambique. Using Guinjata Bay as a home bay, guests and travelers to the bay can easily access other destinations for adventure, leisure touring, and of course, game fishing and scuba diving. These places are the Linga Linga Peninsula, Ponta da Barra, Tofo Beach, and Lighthouse Reef.

To get to Manta Coast, one can drive for one hour from Maputo. The roads are repaired periodically so it should be an easy drive. It is also possible to fly in from Johannesburg straight to the province of Inhambane and then a quick drive to the resort of your choice.

A Few Quick Tips On Guinjata Bay

If you plan to rent and drive to Guinjata Bay, do be sure to load fuel along the way. There are no gas stations in the bay. The nearest one would be in Lindela which is the turn-off point to Guinjata Bay. During tourist, fishing and diving season, you might not want to take a chance on loading fuel at this last pit stop because it has had instances when it ran out of fuel. Also, the further away you are from the cities, the higher the price of fuel.

The place is relatively safe and secure but driving at night is not advisable. In addition, if your resort is on the far side, you might want to consider bringing or renting a 4×4. You should also confirm your reservations before leaving for the bay.

There are also no banks or ATMs in the bay and it is better to have local currency than try to pay with SA Rand or other foreign currencies. Paying with credit card is not something you should take for granted. Not all accommodations will accept credit transactions.

For convenience, you can shop at a neighborly grocery about 500 meters from Guinjata Bay. It will not have luxury items but the basic necessities including canned goods, snacks, drinks, and breakfast cereal are available. There is also a fresh market in Inhambane town or better yet, from the local fishermen along Manta Coast. There’s nothing quite like fresh catch of the day!

Finally, if this is your first trip to Mozambique, take the precaution of getting immunization and ask your doctor for a prescription for Malaria tablets. You might also want to bring also repellant spray and OTC drugs for insect bites or allergies.

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