Game Fishing

Mozambique offers some of the most amazing and glorious sights and places to go game fishing. Not only is the Indian Ocean warm and mostly calm, Mozambique has but some historical quirk managed to stay untouched by the kind of modern infrastructure and progress that tend to mar the natural beauty of a coastline.

The deep Mozambique Channel is approximately 1,600 kilometers long and is a strait that separates Mozambique and Madagascar. Here in this channel live some of the most sought-after game fish in the world like the different species of marlin and tuna, both king and queen mackerel, barracuda, kingfish, yellowfin bear, wahoo, snapper, dorado, sailfish, and shortbill spearfish. In many of the resorts, the policy among local anglers is to catch-and-release out of respect for those who are trying to promote a healthy and bountiful environment.

The Sad News About The Great White Shark

Last January 2013, once again the world was stunned by reports of a baby female great white shark that was purposely killed in the waters of Mozambique by fishermen in Inhambane Province. More shocking was the news that the great white shark was killed for her fins and then left to bleed to death. The fins are considered a delicacy by the Chinese (shark’s fin soup) which sells for top price in many of Chinese fine dining restaurants. Fortunately, the local and national government along with private conservationists are working feverishly to find the Chinese traders and put a stop to the cruelty and illegal act.

Guinjata Game Fishing

Guinjata in Inhambane is a popular destination for game fishing. There are several day fishing charters that provide all the tackle and bait you would need. All you need to do is bring your food and drinks. The different types of game fishing you can do in Guinjata and other areas of Inhambane Province are:

Surf Fishing – You won’t need a boat or fishing vessel to go surf fishing. It is done along the shoreline and at most, you can get wet up to your waist. It is also possible to go surf fishing on piers and jetties. The differences with surf fishing are the casting technique, the long fishing rods, and the rough white water. It is done during low tide which presents a hidden risk from the undercurrent and the sudden drop to deeper waters.

Salt Water Fly Fishing – Salt water fly fishing is very common in the Bazaruto Archipelago which consists of 6 islands close to each other. There are a number of pinnacles, reefs, deep channels, canyons and of course, the open seas for some fly fishing adventures. The fishes most sought after in these waters are the stumpnose, pompano, striped mackerel, kingfish and queenfish, cobia, Garrick, and marlin.

The Islanders have special fly fish boats for rent although most advice that a local accompany every charter because of a tendency to drift. In addition, the archipelago is a large area with underwater canyons that easily can ruin a fine day for fishing. Most anglers are advised that there is a strict code of catch-and-release in Bazaruto.